Broke?... RHOA Eva Storms off the Set!!!

Broke?... RHOA Eva Storms off the Set!!!


First Name Tom, Last Name Foolery… And I’m Everybody’s Uncle!                                      

Including this coin collecting RHOA... Eva Marcille.

On Sunday night’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Eva Marcille stormed out of Kandi Burruss’s restaurant opening after finding out the other Housewives had been gossiping about her finances.

“I am in the midst of my honeymoon bliss,” Marcille said.

“So to hear just despicable dirt, this whole thing just stinks, & I don’t want nothin’ to do with it. So, thank you, excuse me, & good day.”

Earlier that night, Tanya Sam revealed that the Housewives had a discussion about Marcille’s finances while they were at Marlo’s house.

“This girl was kind of spilling some negative stuff,” Sam said.

“She was like, ‘Eva isn’t living in this house, & she was, like, you know, ‘I know the person who owns that house, & she doesn’t own it.’” Sam was uncomfortable about the gossip swirling about Marcille’s financial situation & decided it’d be best for her to share what was said — a move that upset a few of the other Housewives.

Fed up with the rumors about her, Marcille stormed out of the restaurant, telling producers that she was done filming. While the Housewives continued to gossip, fans tweeted their support for the reality star.

While Sam was unsure of the person spreading the rumors, Marcille claimed to know exactly who started the gossip.

“I know exactly who she was. She’s not anonymous,” she explained.

“This person’s name is Seannita. She called the world & spoke my name & tried to spit venom & lies & take a fraction of truth of any story & spin that & make that as disgusting as possible.”

Nene Leakes ultimately convinced Marcille to return to the party to clear her name. However, some of the other Housewives weren’t convinced by Marcille’s story that she has to live in multiple homes to hide from her ex-husband. So while some continued to gossip, Marcille decided that the only opinion that matters is her own:

“I don’t care what y’all think about me. Or anyone else in the world. I do the best that I can do every day & I sleep well.”

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By: Lauren Tyler

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